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I’m Not Done With You Yet - M+


First, I’m really sorry I skipped around with my requests. Please forgive. (╯︵╰,)

Second, I’m really sorry this should probably be in two parts it is very long. Be prepared.

But I hope you enjoy it my beautiful readers. I love you! 

Request: where he was injured/not well, & insists on doing it. M+

You awoke, shivering in bed. Confused, you groped around for familiar objects, a blanket, your lover… neither of them to be found. Both were explainable for the same reason as soon as your senses returned to you.

Reaching over the side of the bed you grabbed your comforter again. You’d kicked it off yourself in your restless sleep again, because you were worried about your boyfriend. He had injured his arm practicing, so the comeback was put on hold until he healed. That being said, he also was no longer allowed to spend his nights with you. If not for the fact he was already under constant watch and scrutiny, now that he had a hurt limb to worry about it all seemed to be magnified.

On days off you’d sneak over to the dorm, helping him open and read fan letters wishing him well. You’d bring over a lunch and snacks and help feed him, only because around you he insisted like a baby.

His other members would joke with him that he complained whenever anyone else offered to help him with things, and only laugh when he got flustered over the fact.

You liked taking care of him, because you knew he wasn’t completely helpless, he did fine on his own on days you couldn’t make it over to see him.

He would text you complaining about every little thing wishing you were there to help him with it. One day he almost tricked you into helping him shower. There was no doubt in your mind his complaints about having to wash his hair with his non-dominant hand being troublesome were real, but before you had agreed your brain finally clicked into the fact that he was a boy trying to trick you to take a shower with him.

You unfortunately declined this plea. And many others, concerning other sexualized situations.

Rolling yourself in your blanket you tried to go back to sleep.

Suddenly your phone buzzed. Who was texting you this late?

You had figured it was one of your friends out drinking, but when you read the name on your phone’s screen you shot awake.

"Are you awake? I can’t sleep," from him.

You groaned, pausing to decide whether to ignore it or not. You were excited it was him, but at the same time you were typing the response, “Try to go to sleep. I just woke up.”

An almost instant response buzzed in. He wasn’t lying, he was really awake, wasn’t he?

"I’m sorry I woke you up…I didn’t mean to!" With a sad face.

"Don’t worry I was already awake. I miss you. I couldn’t sleep either." You mimicked his sad emote.

"You were thinking about me?"

Of course I was, you numbskull. What did I just say? You laughed to yourself, even if he wasn’t here, he was still here.

"Yeah I was cold. I keep kicking off all of the blankets without you here."

He didn’t respond for awhile and you had hoped he’d fallen asleep.

Your phone buzzed again. No such luck.

"I’m sorry baby. Warm yourself up!"

"I’m all rolled up in the blanket now!" You sent a smiling face.

"I don’t mean like that~"

You felt your face flush and your nether regions tingle a little bit. THAT HORNY BOY. Half amused, half irritated you replied with only his name.

"I’ll do it too! It can be like we are together! I miss you…" A crying sad face now.

You sighed, knowing he meant it. You had really missed him…especially physically.

"Will you promise to go to bed if I do?"


Rolling your eyes at yourself you sent a reply agreeing.

You got a response saying, “Wait.” What in the hell was he doing now? Waking his members up to show them his girlfriend agreed to masturbating with him?

You grew anxious as you waited, the more you did the more you were losing your mood to do this. You finally received a new message.

It was a long, detailed description of what he wanted you to do to yourself, ending with, “I wish I was there doing this instead of you…”

It was shortly followed by a new text containing only a winky face. He sent me a fucking winky face for an entire text message.

You were suddenly motivated to finish before he did. You felt a little bad because he was at a disadvantage, but all’s fair, right? Grinning to yourself as you did exactly what he told you to do, you started off gently running your fingers over yourself.

Closing your eyes, you imagined him, half leaning over you to look at your face as he worked his hands over you.

Following directions still, your other hand joined the party now, one of them slowly working in and out of yourself, the other now working diligently at your sweet spot. He wanted you to tease yourself more but, that wasn’t any fun with him not actually here so admittedly, you cheated and skipped a few steps. 

You felt a light glaze of sweat encompass you as you were nearing when you heard your phone buzz. SHIT! HE HAD BEATEN YOU!

It wasn’t a stated competition, but it was more fun to think of it that way. Your hips moved themselves as you let out a gasp and finished. You dashed to the bathroom to wash your hands up before you messed around with your phone again.

You read his now two texts.

"I’m glad you’re doing this with me~" With a heart emote. This boredom made him really greasy.

And his second message that arrived while you were washing up, “That was great but I still wish it was you instead.”

You felt the same way. And a little sympathetic, but sprinkled with the slightest hint of joy that you had came before him.

"Me too. When do you get that cast off again?" You joked.

Denying you had been craving his touch was getting difficult. You could never admit it to him, but you almost thanked the limited time you saw him now. Every moment he was around you, even doing something simple and innocent like excitedly touching your arm while watching a sports game, or when you found yourself guiltily waking him up after he fell asleep on your shoulder. Even the cute sad little look he gave you every time you left like he always did, although now, subjected to mostly staying at the dorm unless accompanied by a manager, you felt as though that sad look had been multiplied.

You made small talk before remembering his promise to you. You coaxed him to bed, and said goodnight before he sneakily reminded you that it was another day off tomorrow.

That little rat! He planned this all along. You swore to yourself out loud, knowing you should have known better than let him convince you of this, and knowing all day tomorrow he will be teasing you about it.

But he was injured, you couldn’t bare to be as mean to him as you usually would be in this situation. Instead of scolding him, you informed him you couldn’t wait until you got to see him tomorrow.

You arrived early the next morning. The other boys were busy with their schedules already, and the manager told you your baby was still asleep, and that he would leave him in your care. Shortly after that he left.

Milling around you tied the place a little, at least the general area that everyone shared. You rolled your eyes at the lack of actual food in the refrigerator, normally they were good about eating well but they have all been very busy or, well hurt.

You made a quick little list of things you’d like to get them to have at home, and make them something nice to eat tomorrow.

Then you heard a noise and made your way to his bedroom, before entering you called his name softly and knocked on the door. He stuttered your name and called you in.

You found him huddled up under multiple blankets, laying down with his knees up, “I didn’t think you’d get here so early. Is the manager gone?”

"Sorry, I woke up early so I figured…and yes he’s gone."

He smiled happily, “He trusts you a lot. So we have the dorm to ourselves?”

"Yeah, actually if you didn’t mind I was going to run to the store to get some things for you guys to eat."

"Can you help me first?"

You smiled at his bright little face, he looked like a little angel laying there, just-woken up, his arm in a little cast, “What do you need, sweetheart?” You sat on the bed next to him, running a hand through his soft hair.

He smiled impishly, “Do you remember my problem last night?”

You leaned farther away from him, remembering exactly what he was referring to.

"I told you I’m not going to—" you began to to protest but he withdrew his hand from the sheets it had been under and tugged at your sleeve to come closer.

"It doesn’t have to be actual sex…just I want you to do it for me please!!"

He was actually begging you for this. His pleading eyes, his unintentionally pouting mouth, you looked over at his cast again and began to feel bad that he seemed to really not be able to properly take care of things himself in his current condition.

You sighed and his face perked up because he knew you were giving in. He placed his mouth on yours and gave you a deep kiss. As you pulled away, opening your eyes you saw him flick his tongue over his lips before he came at you again. This time he nibbled at your bottom lip and you parted your mouth for him, your tongues explored each others’ very familiar mouths.

He reached over and with his well hand, kneaded at your breast a little. You produced a little moan for him and you felt him smile in your kiss before he broke away from you again, reaching his hand under the covers again.

Taking this as the ‘you’ve had enough please help me with my boner’ signal, you flipped over his covers. You were slightly taken aback when you were immediately met with his bare skin. He had been wearing a t-shirt, but under his covers he was completely nude. A sheepish, pleading smile from him and you tossed your hair to one side and began to lean down when his hand pressed against your forehead, stopping you.

"What?" You looked at him, eyes wide.

"I thought you were just going to…" he made the motion with his hands.

You sat back a little bit. “Do you want me to just,” you copied his motion, “or do you want my mouth involved, it’s up to you.”

The feeling of having power over someone like this was nice. If he wasn’t feeling shitty on his own already, you would’ve wanted to tease him more.

He immediately answered you, “NO! NO!! Please, by all means, do what you want!”

A smile spread across your face looking at his shock and joy that he was getting a little more than he had expected. You re-positioned yourself and he let out a sigh as you licked his tip.

Grinning, you teased him a little, running your hands over his hips as you took only a comfortable mouthful. He hissed through his teeth, he knew you could take more than that and he wanted you to take it now. You, however, had your own plans.

Planting soft, wet kisses along his length with over-the-top smacking sounds, and one hand slipped under to accommodate the rest of him. He jumped a little at you so boldly touching such a sensitive area, but you heard him smile.

You took him in your mouth again, slowly at first, massaging him with your tongue. A mere moment of that and suddenly you felt his hand inch up to your head to start petting you. He was breathing very heavily, and this was a nice way of telling you he wanted you to sick his entirety all the way down your throat right now.

You released him, and climbed partially on top of him for a better angle. Your eyes flickered to his as you went down on him. He tried looking at you but as soon as your mouth touched him again, his eyes were squeezed shut. You happily bobbed up and down onto him, preparing your throat for him. Only a few pumps in and his hips began rotating wildly and a few loud moans escaped his mouth.

With one final thrust and a slew of curses he shot himself into your mouth. You graciously accepted this, and swallowed, cleaning the remaining juices off his member with your own tongue.

He lay there, breathing heavy, sweating, flushed. You licked your lips and returned to your spot by his side. He suddenly grabbed the back of your neck, pulling you in for a quick kiss.

"I really wasn’t expecting that today," he finally said quietly, after catching his breath a little.

You smiled, happy you could excite him so much both physically and mentally.

Out of the fear of growing tired and falling asleep  only to have the manager or the other boys come home to find you two in bed, with him pants-less, you bolted up.

No one needed to see that.

The day was spent as you had suspected besides your little morning detour. You made a little food for breakfast, feeding him every little bite, him all the while complaining you fed him too slow. Boys.

Then you opened fan letters for him to read later after you had left. Sometimes there were very strange and personal things in there, and you would rather just leave those to him alone.

Around noon, in the middle of cuddling and watching a movie, he began whining about how he was hungry.

"What do you want me to make you?" you inquired.

"I want takeout. Let’s go get some street food."

You gave him a stern look, “Your manager trusts me, I will not betray that trust. You can wait here while I get something.”

He tried acting cute to get his way but you were not having it. Eventually he gave up and allowed you to go by yourself. You picked up everything he wished for and a few other treats for him too. While you were at it you took a few spare moments to shop for the other boys as well, to replenish their snacks at home, and finally returned to the dorm. He gleefully sipped on his favorite beverage and you helped him sample all the foods you had brought home to share.

When finished, the two of you were stuffed full of food and could barely keep your eyes open. The two of you innocently crawled into his bed to sleep off all the food you had just eaten.

You stirred awake when you heard the door open and a chorus of familiar voices fill the air. On queue, you felt the arm around you tighten its grip and hug you closer.

"Let’s just keep sleeping," he whispered.

Smiling, you pressed yourself closer to him, slightly wrapping your leg over his.

You ended up falling back asleep for a short time before you heard someone enter the room.

They tried to be quiet, but failed quite miserably. He was only trying to wake your boyfriend up, but you both sleepily lifted your heads at once.

"I’m sorry I didn’t want to wake you both up," he said in a hushed voice.

"It’s ok," you said before your boyfriend had a chance to snap at his friend. "We should be getting back up anyway, what time is it?"

He informed you it was almost dinner time, and with a sly smile he asked if you were making dinner for all of them. You told him that was the plan, and he cheerfully left the room informing the others.

"Baby," you boyfriend addressed you, "you really don’t have to do this for everyone."

You smiled and kissed his nose, “But I want to!”

He rolled his eyes and you slinked out of bed to prepare the food.

Those hungry boys gulped everything down quickly and even asked if you had planned for dessert as well. One of the managers had even stayed for a bit to eat.

You found him and your boyfriend chatting in a corner but their conversation quickly stopped after you were within earshot.

"I had better get going," he directed towards your boyfriend. He patted your shoulder, "Good luck, he’s all yours tonight."

Eyeing your boyfriend suspiciously, you asked, “What did he mean, ‘he’s all yours tonight’?”

He smiled brightly at you in return, “I talked him into letting me go over to your place tonight. Would that be too much of a problem for you?” He pouted immediately after.

You sighed, like you could say no to that, after he had even talked his manager into it.

"Of course not!" you chirped, stroking his hair a little. "Let’s get you packed for overnight, ok?"

The two of you excused yourselves from the others to go get some clean clothes and other necessities packed up. When you returned to set his bag by the door the others, of course, immediately asked what was going on.

"No way manager would agree to that!" one of them doubted.

"How did you bribe him?" another asked.

He smiled and informed them that manager trusted you, and that was the end of the discussion.

The other able-bodied members graciously helped you clean the dinner mess and washed dishes before you left.

"I’ll bring him back home tomorrow so he can get ready before your radio interview," you informed them. A few of them had forgotten their schedules and groaned, but all bid you both good bye and thanked you for dinner as you left.

You were exhausted by the time you got home. Taking care of this giant man-child all day was hard work, god bless his mother.

As if on queue, immediately after you had changed into your very unattractive pajamas, he began pathetically whining for help with his. You delicately removed the shirt from his body and began to slip a new one over him when his free hand stopped you.

You looked up into his dark eyes, and suddenly you realized what this whole sleepover was really about.

Addressing his name sternly, you scolded him. “I cannot believe you talked your manager into spending the night here for this. Even after this morning?”

A strategic groan of your name escaped his beautiful lips, “You know it’s not the same.”

You tried to start putting his shirt on again, but he stopped you again, “Please?”

"I am not going to do this and let you get hurt more when you are trying to heal," you said flatly, still struggling with him over the shirt.

"It will help me! I promise," he bargained.

Your eyes rolled themselves automatically. There is no way you would give into things like this 3 times in the span of 24 hours.

Then he did it. He gave you that ONE specific look that transformed you into a puddle of jelly on the floor, and for the third time, you said yes to him.

You tugged his pants down and he eagerly climbed onto your bed. Unceremoniously, you removed your own clothing, climbing onto the bed after him. You propped his arm out of the way with pillows and made sure he was comfortable where he was.

He began rubbing himself as you did this, making sure he was ready for you when you were.

"Don’t you dare move your hurt arm," you instructed.

"I won’t," he promised, grinning like a fool for talking you into this.

"I’m serious," you threatened, "if you do I will stop and you can finish the job yourself."

"Stop being so serious and kiss me," he playfully demanded.

You straddled his torso, his hand gliding up and down your thigh and back as you leaned down to kiss him. You found your hands and worked their way to his hair and you were kneading at his head like a kitten. He smiled and his tongue danced on your lips for you to let him in.

Both of your tongues played together for awhile before you broke away after feeling his nails clawing at your thighs for something a little bit more.

His hand helped you guide yourself onto him. You both made noises at the familiar feeling. It had actually been a long time since you last tried this position, and it was quite gratifying to feel in control.

You rocked back and fourth onto him, grinding your sensitive skin against his. Your pace and breathing quickened, and his breathing was becoming heavy too. Using your arms to hold yourself up at a different angle, you leaned back a little.

Without warning he leaned forward, his arm wrapping around your torso to help hold you up, and his hips now thrusting upwards into you as well.

"I thought we agreed you weren’t going to move," you panted, furious, but enjoying the extra stimulation you were now receiving with his movements.

He smiled, his eyes heavily lidded, and instead of answering you, merely instructed you to get into another position. You refused until he leaned over you and began kissing along your shoulder.

"Please," he moaned, "I’m so close."

You were too.

Throwing your best judgement away you separated yourself from him, rolling over to the other side of the bed, bent over as requested. You felt him position himself behind you before he slowly entered you again. Letting out a sigh as you adjusted to him again, he began moving his hips into you and away from you again. A few times he rammed a little harder than before and you automatically moaned, which caused him to grunt in pleasure in return.

Your pressure was building, you whined his name, trying to hold it in, waiting for him. You head was so clouded focusing on what he was doing, your concentration slipped, and your upper half collapsed onto the bed, where you continued your climax, moaning his name in between trying to catch your breath.

You clutched at the sheets as he continued his course of action, you were pushed over the edge already, every thrust into you again felt like a sinful heaven. It was too much, but you still wanted MORE.

Finally he released, letting out a loud moan, as he shoved himself deeper into you one last time. He rested on your still risen backside, before regrettably removing himself again. He fell beside you, and you allowed your body to now rest fully on the mattress.

Scooting yourself closer to him, your gaze fell on his wounded limb.

"How does your cast fare in the shower?" you asked, still out of breath.

"Not very good unless you happen to have any shower bags for it."


"As long as I don’t get it wet, it should be fine."

You slid yourself off the bed and into the bathroom, leaving him in bed.

He heard the bath water start running and saw you standing seductively in the doorway coming towards him. A grin crept onto his face.

You leaned over him lightly running your nails over his thighs up to his chest and down his free arm where your hand ensnared his.

Pulling him off the bed and dragging him into the bathroom you looked over your shoulder with a smirk of your own, “I’m not done with you yet.”

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